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The  only  thing  you  need  to  know  about  me  is  that  I  am  very  selective  with  who  I  get  to  know.  I  don’t  need  many  friends,  I  don’t  desire  to  have  a  lot  of  energy  floating  in  and  out  of  my  life.  I  am  hurt,  I  am  not  jaded,  but  I  am  aware  of  how  people  are.  I  have  set  up  my  life  to  avoid  drama,  to  have  little  to  no  conflict,  and  have  attracted  people  who  are  imperfect  but  they  still  vibrate  good  energy  consistently.  If  I’m  standoffish  or  distant  it  is  because  you  are  not  one  of  the  people  who  I’ve  completely  let  in,  that  takes  time.  I’m  not  trying  to  be  difficult,  it’s  just  the  way  I  choose  to  operate,  and  I’m  perfectly  happy  being  private  and  keeping  to  myself.

–  Sylvester  McNutt

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Bigotry  and  racism  are  among  the  deadliest  social  ills  plaguing  the  world  today.  But, unlike  a  team  of  costumed  super villains,  they  can’t  be  halted  with  a  punch  in  the  snoot,  or  a  zap  from  a  ray  gun.  The  only  way  to  destroy  them  is  to  expose  them  and  to  reveal  them  for  the  insidious  evils  they  really  are.

–  Stan  Lee

Marvel  Comics  Legend

Our Stan Lee Memories

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Crazy 4 Comic Con

The passing of Stan Lee has hit all of us in fandom very hard. To honor him, our Crazy 4 Comic Con team wanted to share our cherished memories of the legendary Marvel creator.

“Wow, Stan Lee, what words would be enough to describe your profound influence on my life? Few people inspired me the way you did. I fondly remember those late nights as a kid  laying in bed. reading my Marvel comics, my imagination soaring to places unknown, and I still love reading them. I am glad you got to see your legacy play out the way it has as I think about the untold thousands (or more) who you have influenced. Rest in peace my Generalissimo, you will be missed but your influence on my life, childhood, and imagination will never forgotten, and for that I am truly grateful. Excelsior.”

“Stan Lee literally changed my life…

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Pop Culture Uncovered

The news today is that Stan Lee is dead at the age of 95.  Don’t believe it.

I’m sure much will be made of the fact that his physical body has passed. There will be weeping and mourning, with news sites and social media filling up with tributes and lamenting over the fact that the genius of comics has died. People will quite likely be shutting down over this, as if a close, personal friend of theirs is gone.

I refuse to do that, because Stan is still here.

I’m not sure exactly how I was introduced to Stan. When I was a kid in the early 1980s, I was hooked on two cartoons: the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and Incredible Hulk on NBC Saturday mornings. Unsurprisingly, I got into their comic book counterparts when I first discovered them in a drugstore on a shopping trip with my…

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Let’s  turn  the  corner  on  this  dark  time  of  violence,  bigotry,  and  fear  and  step  back  into  the  light  of  the  promise  of  America.

–  Mark  Ruffalo

Actor,  Filmmaker,  Activist

You’ve  been  criticizing  yourself  for  years  and  it  hasn’t  worked.  Try  approving  yourself  and  see  what  happens.

–  Louise  Hay

The  founders  set  up  the  Constitution  so  the  President  can’t  do  what  he’s  proposing  to  do  with  birthright  citizenship.  It’s  a  stunt, like  sending  troops  to  the  border  for  a  non-existent  invasion.

–  Jim  Acosta

CNN  Reporter