Snowpiercer: The Uprising is Nearly Here

Posted: June 23, 2020 in Uncategorized

A Space For Me

As Snowpiercer digs its heels deeper into the deep dive of class structure, racism and capitalism, the train itself starts to show signs that maybe it’s not ready to run forever as Melanie claims it is. When a bad engine gives out, only Melanie can fix it and she’s determined to do so before the train derails and everyone on board dies. However, Layton, who is freshly out of the drawers and barely able to stand is enraged by the information he’s learned about Melanie. The two of them have to collide and of course, it’s at the moment when everyone’s life is in the most danger.

Episode six titled “Trouble Comes Sideways” manages to find humanity in all its passengers. In the face of certain death, each class section grapples with the fact they’re all kidding themselves into thinking life on the train is anything but normal. Something is…

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