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Ring the Damn Bell

Brian Damage

He was loud, arrogant, boisterous and outspoken. Jim Cornette was and still is to this day….one of the greatest promos in pro wrestling. His entire career was spent as a manager for a number of promotions and territories including Mid South, World Class, Memphis and the NWA/WCW. How did this southern good ol’ boy become a major player up north for the World Wrestling Federation? This is the unlikely story of how Jim Cornette came and briefly conquered Vince McMahon land.

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Ring the Damn Bell

Brian Damage

First of all, Merry Christmas (If you celebrate it)…secondly… this piece on the blog will take a historical look at pro wrestling and the “most wonderful time of the year.”

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Ring the Damn Bell

Brian Damage

When you think of the Dudleys in pro wrestling, your mind will probably go directly to Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley. The ultra successful Dudley Boyz tag team went on to win numerous championships with ECW, WWE and TNA. While it is understandable to immediately think of them….truth is…there were a number of other individuals in the Dudley family. Those are the ones that we focus on in this edition of ‘Whatever Happened To?’

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Trademark bullying is part of a much larger problem in our culture. Bullying happens whenever someone with power decides that they can take something from someone they deem weaker than themselves. So, I want my legal battle to count for something, and I hope I can join others to be a part of a larger discussion about flaws in our current legal system and how we can help small businesses being bullied.

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By Julia Balzer
For Unwind magazine

Do you remember your first day of freshman year? It could have been years or just weeks ago, but I’m sure you had expectations. Maybe you were anticipating your new classes or making new friends. But more likely than not, you also had expectations of sex in college.

Some first-year students come to this university not knowing what to expect about sex in college.

“I’ve learned from the movies,” freshman government and politics major Matt Stubeck said.

The movies highlight partying, drinking and the ever so vague “hooking-up,” Stubeck said. But what is sex in college really like?

Junior public health sciences major Aaron South revealed he “expected college to be like American Pie,” with lots of drinking, partying and sex. In some ways, after two years at the University of Maryland, that notion is right, South said.

Yet Megan Capitelli, a junior…

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by Oyinkansola Awosika
For Unwind Magazine

The Black experience at the University of Maryland has become a more prominent topic as the racial climate in both the university and the U.S. continues to change. One important aspect of this experience is freshman year.

It has recently been reported that the university’s black student enrollment is disproportionate to the state’s population. In fact, Baltimore Sun reports, “black students made up 36 percent of the state’s high school graduates in 2015, but only 12 percent of the freshman class at College Park that fall.”

Alice Agboola, a freshman information sciences major, says that she has enjoyed her freshman year thus far and has not endured any negative experiences as a result of her race.

“Coming here, I’ve just spent a lot of time around African-American students,” said Agboola, “so I haven’t really been in situations where I would feel racial tension…

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Ring the Damn Bell

Brian Damage

It has been called both an historic time in New Japan Pro Wrestling history and one of the darkest times in New Japan history. In the fall of 2002, former WWE superstar Chyna traveled overseas to the Land of the Rising Sun to compete for the promotion. Today on the blog, we look at the time that Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer wrestled for New Japan and the fall out from it.

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Ring the Damn Bell

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Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 51st of 2020. Today Brian talks about a wrestling promotion to keep your eyes on and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

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Whatever Happened to Jackie Gayda?

Posted: December 18, 2020 in Uncategorized

Ring the Damn Bell

Brian Damage

She was a co winner of WWE’s talent competition Tough Enough. She went on to become both a wrestler and a valet for the company. Today on the blog, we ask…’Whatever Happened To’ Jackie Gayda?

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This wonderful song was performed on last week’s broadcast of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and from the sound of it he was really inspired by the legendary 1970s music duo Seals and Crofts.

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His upcoming album Dangerous: The Double Album will be released on Friday, January 8, 2021.

Credit: Morgan Wallen’s Official YouTube Channel.