Sexpectations: What do University of Maryland students really do in the bedroom?

Posted: December 22, 2020 in Uncategorized

By Julia Balzer
For Unwind magazine

Do you remember your first day of freshman year? It could have been years or just weeks ago, but I’m sure you had expectations. Maybe you were anticipating your new classes or making new friends. But more likely than not, you also had expectations of sex in college.

Some first-year students come to this university not knowing what to expect about sex in college.

“I’ve learned from the movies,” freshman government and politics major Matt Stubeck said.

The movies highlight partying, drinking and the ever so vague “hooking-up,” Stubeck said. But what is sex in college really like?

Junior public health sciences major Aaron South revealed he “expected college to be like American Pie,” with lots of drinking, partying and sex. In some ways, after two years at the University of Maryland, that notion is right, South said.

Yet Megan Capitelli, a junior…

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