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Here’s  Impact  in  case  you  missed  it:

From  Universal  Studios  Orlando  in  Orlando,  Florida:

Hosted  by  “The  Professor”  Mike  Tenay  and  Taz.

Jeremy  Borash  opened  this  week  with  the  announcement  of  the  TNA  staple,  Feast  or  Fired.  As  he  explained  how  it  goes,  he  was  interrupted  bu  Kurt  Angle  who  wanted  to  fight  Bobby  Roode.  Roode  appeared,  and  refused,  but  Kurt  didn’t  care.  They  fought  until  Roode  issued  a  challenge  for  next  week:  A  Best  2  out  of  3  Falls  Match!!!

1.  TAG  TEAM  MATCH:  Bad  Influence  (Christopher  Daniels  and  Kazarian)  vs.  Eric  Young  and  Joseph  Park.


NOTE:  After  the  match,  Eric  Young  told  Joseph  Park  “You  are  Abyss!”!!!

2.  Ethan  Carter  III  vs.  Jeremy  Borash.

ECIII  wanted  to  face  Borash  in  a  match,  and  TNA  Hall  of  Famer  “The  Icon”  Sting  stopped  it.  Sting  ripped  ECIII  for  being  handed  everything,  and  challenged  him  to  prove  himself  in  the  Feast  or  Fired  Match.

TNA  Knockouts  Champion  Gail  Kim  wanted  to  know  who  her  next  opponent  was  in  her  Open  Challenge,  and  ODB  responded.  But,  ODB  wanted  Gail’s  bodyguard  Lei’D  Tapa!!!  They  fought  until  Madison  Rayne  arrived  to  help  ODB!!!

TNA  President  Dixie  Carter  was  furious  with  Kurt  for  interrupting  Borash  at  the  start  of  the  show,  and  with  Roode  for  booking  next  week’s  Best  2  out  of  3  Falls  Match.  She  was  also  furious  with  TNA  Heavyweight  Champion  “The  Phenomenal”  A.J.  Styles  sending  her  the  paper  championship  belt  last  week,  and  hoped  that  the  real  belt  will  be  returned  to  her.  She  then  summoned  the  finalists  of  the  8-Man  Tournament,  Magnus  and  Jeff  Hardy  to  voice  their  thoughts  on  next  week.  Hardy  vowed  that  he  will  begin  his  fourth  reign  as  champion.  Magnus  vowed  that  the  belt  will be  his.

Dixie  announced  that  the  title  will  be  won  in  a  match  called  Dixieland.

The  match  will  begin  in  a  steel  cage,  and  the  first  one  out,  must  walk  towards  a  ladder,  and  climb  to  the  top  to  pull  the  title  off  the  hook.

Rockstar  Spud  broke  into  A.J.’s  Gainesville,  Georgia  home,  and  found  the  title  in  a  TNA  bag.  A.J.  woke  up  and  asked,  “Did  you  find  what  you   were  looking  for?”.  As  Spud  was  about  to  leave  with  the  belt,  A.J.  offered  him  two  choices:  One  was  for  Spud  to  be  arrested,  the  other  was  for  A.J.  and  his  friends  to  reenact  a  scene  from  Pulp  Fiction  (1994),  with  Spud  as  the  victim.  Spud  fled  A.J.’s  home.

3.  TNA  X  DIVISION  CHAMPIONSHIP:  Chris  Sabin  (Champion)  with  Velvet  Sky  vs.  Austin  Aries  (Challenger/Former  Champion).



THE  PARTICIPANTS:  The  Returning  Curry  Man,  Chris  Sabin,  Hernandez,  Chavo  Guerrero,  Jr.,  Norv  Fernan,  Dewey  Barnes,  Samoa  Joe,  Gunner,  “Cowboy”  James  Storm,  Austin  Aries,  Zema  Ion  and  Ethan  Carter  III.

Mr.  Anderson  was  scheduled  to  compete,  but  was  assaulted  by   Bully  Ray.

Curry  Man  walked  out  of  the  ring  at  the  start  of  the  match!!!





The  main  event  was   the  highlight  match  of  the  night!!!

All  those  who  participated  in  the  main  event  are  the  wrestlers  of  the  night!!!

Austin  Aries  regaining  the  X  Division  Championship,  and  the  return  of  Madison  Rayne  are  the  highlights  of  the  night!!!

ANALYSIS:  Enough  with  Dixie  already!!!


On Saturday of last week, my little brother and myself attended what was billed as Washington, D.C.’s first ever comic book convention Awesome Con. The event was held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The promoters thought it would have a small turnout, but it was much larger than they expected (YEE-HA!!!) The celebrities who in attendance were Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Oz), Billy West (The Ren and Stimpy Show, Ren and Stimpy’s Adult Party Cartoon, Doug, Futurama), Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Phil Lamarr (MADtv,  Samurai Jack,  Futurama) and Theodus Crane (The Walking Dead). They were there to take pictures and sign autographs, but the visitors and myself were told that it was not free, but I did get a chance to talk with the legendary Ernie Hudson.

Another celebrity who was in attendance was Larry Hama, who played a big part in the revival of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe in 1982. It was his designs of the characters that were seen in the comic book series that was a big hit with Marvel Comics from 1982 until 1994. The series was under name G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. I had the chance to speak with him as well. There were panels, one of them was the ongoing debate of Star Trek vs. Star Wars, and I missed that one.

The one panel that I did participate in was about professional wrestling!!! I caught some heat during the panel for wearing a Hulkamania t-shirt that I got last Christmas, but I told them that it’s MUCH, MUCH BETTER than John Cena’s new t-shirt. Afterwards, I did shake hands with all three of the panels moderators, and became friends with one of them on Facebook!!! Another feature was Sci-Fi Speed Dating, that one I sat out and watched. There was also a costume contest, but a lot of people were unable to get in.

This two-day event was a wonderful celebration of comic books, movies, television, anime, art and popular culture in general. I am one of many who can’t wait until next year!!! While I didn’t take a lot of photos, here are some below that I did take. Enjoy!!!