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Here’s  Week  5  of  Arena  Football  2016  in  case  you  missed  it:

1.  04/29/2016:  THE  AFL  ON  ESPN:  Orlando  Predators  (5-0):  76                                                          Cleveland  Gladiators  (1-4).

2.  04/30/2016:  ARENA  FOOTBALL  ON  CBS  SPORTS  NETWORK:  Arizona  Rattlers  (5-0):  68                                                   Portland  Steel  (0-4):  21.

3.  05/01/2016:  THE  AFL  ON  ESPN:   Jacksonville  Sharks  (2-2):  33                                                 Tampa  Bay  Storm  (0-4):   27.

4.  05/02/2016: THE  UNIVISION  DEPORTES  NETWORK: Philadelphia  Soul (4-1):  56                               L.A.  KISS  (2-2):  33.

The  Orlando-Cleveland  and  Jacksonville-Tampa  games  were  streamed  on  ESPN3.

STILL  UNDEFEATED:  Orlando  and  Arizona.

Here  is  the  coverage  for  Week  6:

THE  CBS  SPORTS  NETWORK:  Tonight,  the  only  undefeated  streaks  in  the  league  are  on  the  line  as  Arizona  faces  Orlando  at  The  Amway  Center  at  7:30PM  ET/6:30PM  CT/5:30PM  MT/4:30PM  PT.

ESPN3:  Tonight,  Jacksonville will  face  Cleveland  at  The  Quicken  Loans  Arena  at  7:30PM  ET/6:30PM  CT/5:30PM  MT/4:30PM  PT.

And  on  Monday,  Portland  will  face  Los  Angeles  at  The  Honda  Center  in  Anaheim,  California  at  10PM  ET/9PM  CT/8PM  MT/7PM  PT.


THE  UNIVISION  DEPORTES  NETWORK:  On  Monday,  Tampa  will  face  Philadelphia  at  The  Wells  Fargo  Center  at  7PM  ET/6PM  CT/5PM  MT/4PM  PT.

For  more  information,  please  visit   Thank  you.

Here’s  Week  7  of  Arena  Football  in case  you  missed   it:

1.  04/26/2014:  NET10  ARENA  FOOTBALL  ON  THE  CBS  SPORTS  NETWORK:  Spokane  Shock  (4-2):  53                                                  Tampa  Bay  Storm (3-4):  41.

Cleveland  Gladiators  (6-0):  55                                         Pittsburgh  Power  (4-2):  28.

Portland  Thunder  (1-5):  69                                                      Jacksonville  Sharks   (2-4):  62

Orlando  Predators  (5-2):  63                                                    New  Orleans  VooDoo  (1-5):  48.

Arizona  Rattlers  (6-0):   69                                                      San  Antonio   Talons  (1-6):  59.

San  Jose  SaberCats  (4-3):  48                                                       LA   KISS  (2-4):   32.

2.  04/27/2014:  THE  AFL  ON  ESPN:  Philadelphia  Soul (3-3):  60                                                       Iowa   Barnstormers  (3-3):  55.

This  game  was  aired  on  ESPN2.

STILL  UNDEFEATED:  Cleveland  and  Arizona.

CBS  SPORTS  NETWORK  COVERAGE:  This  Saturday,   the  undefeated  Arizona  Rattlers  will  face  The  Jacksonville  Sharks  at  The  Veterans  Memorial  Arena  in  Jacksonville,  Florida  at  7PM  ET/6PM  CT/5PM  MT/4PM  PT.

ESPN2  AND  WATCHESPN  COVERAGE:  On  Sunday,  The  Spokane  Shock  will  battle  The  LA  KISS  at  The  Honda  Center  in  Anaheim,  California  at  7PM  ET/6PM  CT/5PM  MT/4PM  PT.

For  more  information,  please  visit  Thank  you.



This past Easter Weekend was an interesting one for conventions. Anaheim, California hosted WonderCon, New York City hosted a martial arts movie festival, and Washington, D.C. hosted the 2nd Awesome Con. Some people believe that Easter Weekend is not the best time to hold a convention. Some may think otherwise. But, it all depends on how you look at it.

My little brother and myself were there last Saturday, and we were both greeted by a VERY LONG LINE that wrapped around The Walter E. Washington Convention Center. It reminded me of the line at Katsucon 18 two years ago. According to reports, it took longer for those who pre-registered, than for those who were only there for one day! It was one of the big complaints of the event. The promoters have tallied the attendance at 40,000.

Here are a few standout cosplays:


The Pope and his Cardinals


Jesus. This wonderful gentleman named Anderson Marchack travels to conventions cosplaying as Jesus Christ spreading the message of good deeds and tolerance. To find him on Facebook, type in Cosplay Jesus.


Rainbow Brite


Booster Gold

One highlight was the return of Ernie Hudson to the convention. He recognized me from last year, and I gave him my condolences for his friend and Ghostbusters castmate Harold Ramis who passed away in February. And here are photos from what I felt were beautiful tributes to Harold’s life, memory and career.


The Ecto 1A from Ghostbusters II



Other celebrities that were there were Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Andromeda), Erin Gray (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Silver Spoons), Billie Piper (Doctor Who, Secrets of a Call Girl), Cary Elwes (Glory, The Crush, Robin Hood: Men In Tights) and the duo of David Yost and Walter Emmanuel Jones (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). I tried to meet them, but the lines were long, especially for David and Walter. Maybe I will see them again. I did attend the Pro-Wrestling Today Panel which was fun, in wich I was instantly recognized by the moderator Joe Carabeo, and panelists Ben Taylor and Dan Nokes. They also had DC101 FM’s Mike Jones as a guest panelist!!!. They had video game room that I forgot to visit, but my little brother told me that I didn’t miss much (YIKES!!!!!). Here’s another standout photo:


From what I can tell, Catwoman joined the Justice League!!!!

This was a grand three days, and I’m ready for NEXT YEAR!!!! Here are more photos, ENJOY!!!!

DSCN3112 DSCN3113 DSCN3115 DSCN3116 DSCN3117 DSCN3118 DSCN3119 DSCN3120 DSCN3121 DSCN3122 DSCN3123 DSCN3124 DSCN3125 DSCN3126 DSCN3127 DSCN3128 DSCN3129 DSCN3130 DSCN3131 DSCN3133 DSCN3134 DSCN3135 DSCN3136 DSCN3137 DSCN3138 DSCN3140 DSCN3141 DSCN3142 DSCN3143 DSCN3144 DSCN3147 DSCN3148 DSCN3149 DSCN3150 DSCN3154 DSCN3155 DSCN3159 DSCN3160 DSCN3161 DSCN3163 DSCN3164 DSCN3157 DSCN3158 DSCN3165 DSCN3166 DSCN3168 DSCN3169 DSCN3171 DSCN3172 DSCN3173 DSCN3174 DSCN3175 DSCN3176 DSCN3177 DSCN3178 DSCN3179 DSCN3180 DSCN3181 DSCN3182 DSCN3183 DSCN3184 DSCN3185 DSCN3186 DSCN3187 DSCN3188 DSCN3189 DSCN3190 DSCN3191 DSCN3192 DSCN3193 DSCN3194 DSCN3195 DSCN3196 DSCN3197 DSCN3198 DSCN3199 DSCN3200 DSCN3203 DSCN3204 DSCN3205 DSCN3206 DSCN3207 DSCN3208_SCN3209_SCN3210_SCN3211_SCN3212_SCN3213_SCN3214_SCN3215_SCN3216_SCN3217_SCN3218_SCN3219_SCN3220_SCN3221

Here’s  Week  3  of  Arena  Football  in  case  you  missed  it:

03/29/2014:  Pittsburgh  Power  (1-1):  48                                          San  Jose  SaberCats  (2-1):  47.

Jacksonville  Sharks  (2-0):  63                                                                San  Antonio  Talons  (0-3):  22.

NET10  ARENA  FOOTBALL  SATURDAY:   Orlando  Predators  (3-0):  56                                                   Tampa  Bay  Storm  (2-1):  52.

Cleveland  Gladiators  (2-0):  37                                                          New  Orleans  VooDoo  (0-2):  26.

As  you  can  see,  The  Philadelphia  Soul,   The  Portland  Thunder,  The  Spokane  Shock,  The  Iowa  Barnstormers,  The  Arizona  Rattlers  and  The  LA  Kiss  had  a  Bye  Week.

Tonight  on  the  CBS  Sports  Network,  The  Portland  Thunder  will  battle  The  LA  KISS  at  The  Honda  Center  in  Anaheim,  California  at  10PM  ET/9PM  CT/8PM  MT/7PM  PT.  For  more  information,  please  visit  Thank  you.

Here’s  RAW  in  case  you  missed  it:

From  The  Honda  Center  in  Anaheim,  California:

Hosted  by  John  “Bradshaw”  Layfield  (JBL),  Michael  Cole  and  WWE  Hall  of  Famer  Jerry  “The  King”  Lawler.

HOUR  1:

This  week  begins  with  the  former  champion  John  Cena,  who  like  many  of  us,  is  outraged  with  what  happened  last  night  at  Summerslam.  Cena  stated  that  Daniel  Bryan  earned  the  WWE  Championship,  and  thanked  him for bringing  out  the  best  in  him.  He  told  everyone  that  he  will  be  out  from  four  to  six  months  to  have  the  fluid  drained  from  his  left  elbow  (which  swelled  up  like  a  football),  and  to  have  his  tricep  repaired.  After  that  announcement,  he  summoned  Daniel  to  the  ring.  He  was  about  to  speak  when  WWE  Executive  Vice  President  Stephanie  McMahon-Helmsley  appeared  to  apologize  for  what  happened  last  night,  by  saying  that  Triple  H  (Hunter  Hearst  Helmsley)  was  doing  what  was  best  for  business.

Daniel  told  her  that  he  expects  that  from  her  and  her  father,  but  not  the  leader  of  D-Generation  X  (DX).  Stephanie  told  her  that  not  everyone  can  be  WWE  Champion,  and  an  enraged  Daniel  knocked  the  microphone  from  her  hand,  which  prompted  her  to  have  security  remove  Daniel  from  The  Honda  Center.

1.  A  SUMMERSLAM  REMATCH:  Damien  Sandow  vs.  Cody  Rhodes.


RAW  General  Manager  Brad  Maddox  aired  part  of  a  statement  that  Dolph  Ziggler  made  concerning  last  night’s  main  event,  and  booke  him  in  a  3-On-1  Handicap  Match  against  The  Shield.

Paul  Heyman  forgave  CM  Punk  for  the  events  leading  up  to  last  night’s match  against  Brock  Lesnar,  and  wanted  to  align  himself  with  Punk  again.

2.  A  DIVAS  TAG  TEAM  MATCH:  The  Funkadactyls  (Naomi  and  Cameron)  vs.  Layla  and  WWE  Divas  Champion  A.J.  Lee.


HOUR  2:

3.  A  3-ON-1  HANDICAP  MATCH:  Dolph  Ziggler  vs.  The  Shield  (WWE  United  States  Champion  Dean  Ambrose  and  WWE  Tag  Team  Champions  Seth  Rollins  and  Roman  Reigns).


4.  A  NON-TITLE  MATCH:  WWE  World  Heavyweight  Champion  Alberto  del  Rio  vs.  Sin  Cara.


NOTE:  The  referee  stopped  the  match  when  Sin  Cara  appeared  to  be  injured.  After  the  match,  Alberto  del  Rio  stated  that  Latinos  don’t  have  any  heroes,  and  that  he  wants  to  be  one.  His  former  ring  announcer  Ricardo  Rodriguez  told  him  that  he  is no  hero  to  Latinos,  and  found  someone  new  to  represent:  ROB  VAN  DAM  (RVD)!!!  RVD  assaulted  del  Rio,  and  was  about  to  execute  The  Five-Star  Frog  Splash  when  del  Rio  escaped.

5.  A  TAG  TEAM  MATCH:  The  Real  Americans  (Antonio  Cesaro  and  Jack  Swagger)  with  Zeb  Coulter  vs.  The  Prime   Time  Players  (Darren  Young   and  Titus  O’Neil).


INTERVIEW:  The  Returning  Big  Show.

Renee  Young  welcomed  him  back  and  asked  him  about  rumors  of  him  teaming  up  with  “The  World’s  Strongest  Man”  Mark  Henry  to  dethrone  the  reigning  WWE  Tag  Team  Champions  Seth  Rollins  and  Roman  Reigns.  Big  Show.  He  said  yes,  but  was  interrupted  by  Brad  Maddox,  who  mentioned  statements  that  he  made  on  concerning  last  night.  Big  Show  told  him  that  this  is  America,  and  that  he’s  abiding  by  The  First  Amendment.  Maddox  booked  him  in  a  3-On-1  Handicap  Match  against  The  Shield.

6.  A  3-ON-1  HANDICAP  MATCH:  The  Returning  Big  Show  vs.  The  Shield.


HOUR  3:

CM  Punk  ordered  Paul  Heyman  to  face  him  if  he  wanted  an  apology.  Heyman  returned  to  The  Honda  Center  with   WWE  Intercontinental  Champion  Curtis  Axel.  Punk  apologized  to  Heyman  for  taking  his  eyes  off  of  Brock  Lesnar,  and  that  he  didn’t  take  his  injured  arm  with  him.  Punk  then  demanded  that  Heyman  fight  him.  Heyman  apologized,  but  stated  that  Punk  pushed  him  too  far,  and  ordered  Axel  to  finish  what  Lesnar  started.

Punk  and  Axel  went  at  it,  until  Axel  attacked  his  left  knee  with  a  steel  chair.  Punk  ended  to  fight  by  dropping  Axel  face  first  on  the  steel  stair  step.

7.  R-Truth  vs.  Bray  Wyatt  with  Erick  Rowan  and  Luke  Harper.


A  video  of  a  new  tag  team  called  Los  Matadores  aired.

8.  A  TAG  TEAM  MATCH:  Heath  Slater  and  Jinder  Mahal  with  Drew  McIntyre  vs.  The  Usos  (Jimmy  and  Jey).


9.  The  Miz  vs.  Wade  Barrett.



Stephanie  McMahon-Helmsley  returned  to  the  ring  with   Triple  H  and  WWE  Chairman  Vince  McMahon,  as  Hunter  thought  he  owed  everyone  an  explanation  why  he  Pedigreed  Daniel  Bryan  last  night.  He  stated  that  he  did  it  for  the  fans,  the  company  and   the   whole  McMahon  family.  He  said  that  he  considers  Daniel  a  friend,  and  that  he  deserved  to  win,  but  doesn’t  see  him  as  the  face  of  the  company  by  telling  everyone  “You  deserve  better  than  that!”.  He  also  said  that  he  personally  hated  what  he  did, but  had  to  do  it  for  the  company  and  bury  his  past  hatred  towards  Randy  Orton.  He  then  summoned  Orton  who  thanked  Hunter  for everything,  and  announced  that  Daniel  returned  to  The  Honda  Center  and  asked  him  to  return  to  the  ring.

Daniel  appeared,  got  attacked  by  The  Shield, and  fought  them  off  until  Roman  Reigns  speared  him.  They  were  going  to  triple  powerbomb  him  until  Hunter  ordered  them  not  to.  He  asked  Daniel  to  step  inside  the  ring  to  vent,  but  was  instantly  RKO’ed.

Match  #1  is  the  highlight  match  of  the  night!!!

Cody  Rhodes  and  Damien  Sandow  are  the  wrestlers  of  the  night!!!

CM  Punk  fighting  Curtis  Axel  was  the  highlight  of  the  night!!!

ANALYSIS:  I’ve  said  it  before,  and  I’ll  say  it  again……………………….HUH???!!!