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Here’s  two  for  Black  History  Month:

If  there  is  no   struggle,  there  is  no  progress.


Where  justice  is  denied,  where  poverty  is  enforced,  where  ignorance  prevails,  and  where  any  one  class  is  made  to  feel  that  society  is  an  organized  conspiracy  to  oppress,  rob  and  degrade  them,  neither  persons  nor  property  will  be  safe.

–  Frederick  Douglass

(February  1818-February  20,  1895)

Abolitionist,  Suffragist,  Author,  Editor,  Diplomat



For  Black  History  Month:

Never  forget  that  intelligence  rules  the  world  and  ignorance  carries  the  burden.  Therefore  remove  yourself  as  far  as  possible  from  ignorance  and  seek  as  far  as  possible  to  be  intelligent.

–  Marcus  Garvey

(August  17,  1887-June  10,  1940)

Publisher,  Journalist,  Activist

Here’s  two  for  Black  History  Month:

Rosa  Parks  sat  so  Martin  Luther  King  could  walk.  Martin  Luther  King  walked  so  Obama  could  run.  Obama’s  running  so  we could  all  fly.

–  Jay Z

Rapper,  Songwriter,  Businessman,  Investor


Intelligence  will  always  be  relevant.

–  RZA

Rapper,  Record  Producer,  Musician,  Actor,  Filmmaker,  Author



I  know  that  I  haven’t  written  anything  since  last  summer,   but  here’s  one  for  Black  History  Month:

People  are  hungry  for  someone  who  is  going  to  tell  them  the  truth  and  not  be  afraid  to  show  who  they  really  are.

–  Jeffrey  Tyler

Radio  Personality,  Friend  and  Former  Classmate

Here’s  one  in  honor  of  Black  History  Month:

The  African  race  is  a  rubber  ball.  The  harder  you  dash  it  to  the  ground,  the  higher  it  will  rise.

–  African  Proverb