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This  is  my  first  pro-wrestling  post  since  2014.  The  reason  why  I  haven’t  done  any  coverage  was  because  it  left  me  tired  and  exhausted.  But,  I  still  watch,  and  here’s  my  thoughts  on  the  past  year:

1.  The  Retirement  of  Daniel  Bryan/”The  American  Dragon”  Bryan  Danielson:

I  expected  that  it  would  happen  because  of  his  concussions.  The  same  thing  happened  to  former  NXT  Tag  Team  Champion/Current  WWE  commentator  Corey  Graves.  It  is  also  sad  because  this  was  his  life  from  1999-onward,  and  it  all  ended  in  a  health  risk.

2.  Gail  Kim’s  Induction  Into  The  TNA  Hall  of  Fame:

She  earned  it  and  deserved  it.  Enough  said.

3.  WWE  Reviving  The  Roster  Split/Brand  Extension:


4.  The  Disrespect  Towards  Byron  Saxton:

Cruel,  inhuman,  disgusting,  and  I  wouldn’t  be  surprised  if  he  went  off  on  everyone.

5.  New  Japan  Pro-Wrestling (NJPW)  on  AXS  TV:

I  LOVE  IT!!!!

6.  Mexico’s  Consejo  Mundial  de  Lucha  Libre  (CMLL)’s  Partnership  With  Lucha  Libre  Elite:

It’s  a  great  because  we  get  to  see  a  lot  of  independent  wrestlers  on  national  tv.  It’s  also  great  to  see  CMLL have  talent  from  Total  Nonstop  Action  (TNA),  Ring  of  Honor  (ROH)  and  New  Japan  on  their  shows.

7.  TNA’s  Mismanagement  Issues:

TNA  has  to  be  EXTREMELY  CAREFUL,  because  this  was  one  of  the  things  that  led  to  the  fall  of  World  Championship  Wrestling  (WCW).

8.  “Broken”  Matt  Hardy:

They  said  that  this  was  a  gimmick  that  wasn’t  supposed  to  happen.  But  when  it  all  boiled  down  to  it:  The Final  Deletion,  Delete  or  Decay,  The  Great  War,  Trick  or  Delete  and  Total  Nonstop  Deletion,  it  helped  TNA!!!!!

9.  Moose,  Mike  and  Maria  Kanellis  Bennett  Leaving  Ring  of  Honor  To  Join  TNA:

While  it  was  sad  to  see  them  leave  ROH,  it’s  wonderful  that  TNA  signed  them.

10.  Damien  Sandow  Arriving  In  TNA  and  Becoming  Aron  Rex:

I  enjoyed  his  anti-WWE  promo  his  first  night  in  the  company.

11.  The  TNA  Grand  Championship:

The  rules  of  the  match  for  this  type  of  championship  stumped  a  lot  of  people,  myself  included,  but  I  feel  that  the  title  will  stay.  I  also  believe  that  TNA  should  revive  the  Knockouts  Tag  Team  Championship  and  the  Television  Championship.

12.  Ring  of  Honor’s  Women’s  Division  The  Women  of  Honor:

They  introduced  the  division  last  year,  and  while  I  like  “The  Exotic  Goddess”  Mandy  Leon,  Deonna  Purrazzo,  TNA  Gut  Check  winner  Taeler  Hendrix,  Veda  Scott,  Kelly  Klein and Faye  Jackson,  it  would  be  great  IF  THEY  WERE  ON  TV  EVERY  WEEK!!!  PLEASE  FIX  THIS  SINCLAIR  BROADCASTING!!!!

13.  WWE’s  Revived  Cruiserweight  Division:

This  was  highlighted  by  the  return  of  The  Brian  Kendrick  to  WWE,  along  with  the  arrival  of  former  ROH  star  Cedric  Alexander  and  former  TNA/ROH  star  T.J.  Perkins  (for  those  who  may  not  know,  he  was  Manik in  TNA).  It  also  came  with  Cedric  revealing  that  he  lost  22  pounds  just  to  participate  in  the  WWE  Cruiserweight  Classic.  I  don’t  understand  why  the  revived  division  is  only  seen  on  “Monday  Night  RAW”,  along  with  having  their  own  show  entitled  “205  Live”  airing  Tuesday  nights  on  the  WWE  Network  after  “SmackDown  Live”.

14.  “SmackDown”  Moving  To  Tuesday  and  Becoming  A  Live  Show  Like  “RAW”:

WWE,  you’re  NEVER  going  to  derail  the  Tuesday  Night  Lineups  on  FOX,  CBS,  NBC,  ABC  and  The  CW  Network.  Enough  said.

Before  I  close,  I  would  like  to  congratulate  “Broken”  Matt  Hardy  and  his  wife  Reby  Sky  on  having  a  second  son  who  will  be  born  sometime  this  year!!!


After  watching  the  broadcast  of  NXT Season  3   on  SyFy,   and  the  airing  of  it  two  days  later  on  Mun2,  here’s  my  analysis  of  it  all:

1.  Vickie  Guerrero’s  rookie  Kaitlyn:  She  will  turn  on  Vickie  (Much  like  how  Bryan  Danielson/Daniel  Bryan  stuck  it  to  The  Miz  during  Season  1).

2.  Goldust’s  rookie  Aksana:  Eastern  Europe’s  own  version  of  Maryse.  But,  could  she  be  a  new  valet  for  Goldust?

3.  Alicia  Fox’s  rookie  Maxine:  Full  of  herself.

4.  Primo  Colon’s  rookie  A.J.:  Watch  out  Divas  roster!

5.  Brie and  Nikki  Bella’s  rookie  Jamie:  The  ring  announcer  that  we  saw  during  Season  2  who  caught  the  eye  of  Zack  Ryder  might  be  a  new  tag  team  partner  for  Beth  Phoenix!

6.  Kelly  Kelly’s  rookie  Naomi:  She  and  A.J.  could very  well  become  a  tag  team.  Just  watch.

Of  course,  there  is  also  controversy  surrounding  another  rookie  named  Aloisia,  who  stands  at  6  feet  9  inches  tall.  One  report  was  that  she  had  gotten  into  a  fight  with  her  supposed  pro  Vickie  Guerrero.  The  other  was  that  someone  at  WWE  Headquarters  in  Stamford,  Connecticut  found  nude  photos  of  her  on  the  internet, that  she  took  when  she  was  18  years  old.  The end  result  is  that  Kaitlyn  became  Aloisia’s  last  minute  replacement.  On  Aloisia’s  website,  she  has  stated  that  what  led  to  her   being  replaced,  were  those  nude  photos.  Let  me  state  that  in  the  past,  many  of  professional  wrestling’s  most  beautiful  women  have  done  photographic  work  where  their  half-naked, or  totally  nude.  The  way  that  World  Wrestling  Entertainment  handled  the  situation  is  just  plain  stupid.