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Here   it  is, Post  #500!!!!!!!!

I  know  that  a   lot  of  you  have  questions,  and  I  will  answer  them:

1.  Have  you  stopped  covering  Professional  Wrestling?

I  haven’t.  I  needed  a  break  because  as   I  mentioned  two  years  ago,  covering  WWE  can  be  exhaustively  nauseating.  If  you’ve  figured  it  out,  this  is  directed  at  the  three-hour  Monday  Night  RAWs.  Sometime  last  year,  TNA  Impact  Wrestling  began  to  resemble  WWE.  When  that  happened,  I  knew  that  I  needed  to  stop  and  regroup.  But  don’t  worry,  I  will   cover  wrestling  again.

2.  Will  you  cover  Music  again?

Yes  I  will.

3.  What  about  Television?

That  too.

4.  And  Movies?

The  last  movie  that  I  saw  in  theaters  was  The  LEGO  Movie.  I  know  that  it  was  last  year,  and  I  meant  to  cover  that  but  I  never  got  around  to  it.  And  due  to  the  recent  violence  that  has  happened  at  the  theaters  in  Louisiana  and  Tennessee,  I  have  opted  not  to  visit  any  movie  theaters  for  now.  But,  I  will  continue  with  movie  coverage  when  the  opportunity  arises.

5.  Will  you  attend  any  more  conventions  this  year?

Because  of  my  current  financial  situation,  not  until  next  year.  Because  conventions  cost  money.

6.  Will  your  YouTube  show  still  happen?

It  will.  I  have  to  find  a  working  camera  first  before  I  go  on  the  air.

As  always,  thank  you  for  reading  and  subscribing!  For  my  most  recent  subscribers,  Welcome  Aboard!  And  for  those  who  are  new  bloggers,  Welcome  to  the  family!  Enjoy  what  you   do  and  never  stop  loving  it!!!!  It  will  help  you  rise  above  the  haters  and  their  bull.

And  remember……………….the  best  is  yet  to  come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here  it  is……………..POST  #400!!!!  This  blog  is  wonderful  and  fun.  And  I  know  that  there  are  some  questions  that  you  may  have,  so  here  it  goes……

1.  Since  you  cover  professional  wrestling,  which  do  you  enjoy  covering:  WWE  or  TNA  and  why?

TNA,  because,  and  I  mentioned  it  in  Post  #300,  covering  WWE  at  times  can  be  exhaustively  nauseating.  Case  in  point,  the  three  hour  Monday  Night  RAWs.

2.  You  haven’t  updated  the  Quote  of  the  Day  category.  Why?

I  tried  getting  around  to  it,  but  forgot.  Don’t  worry,  I’m  finding  new  ones!!!

3.  Since  you  instituted  a  Movie  category,  there  are  only  two  movies  in  there.  Were  there  any  others  that  you  wanted  to  cover?

Over  the  summer,  I  saw  Disney’s  The  Lone  Ranger  and  wanted  to  cover  it,  but  didn’t.  I  also  saw  Elysium,  and  that  sucked.

4.  What  about  the  television  category?

Hopefully,  you’ll  see  more  updates  there.

5.  Will  you  cover  any  more  conventions?

I  will.

6.  What  about  your  YouTube  show?

I’m  hoping  for  its  debut  next  year!!!

I  would  like  to  thank  all  of  you  for  visiting,  subscribing  to  and  commenting  on  my  blog.  For  those  of  you  who  have  become  bloggers,  I  would  like  to  say,  welcome  aboard  and  love  what  you  do!!!   And  please  remember  this………….the  best  is  yet  to  come!!!!


CAST:  Henry  Cavill,  Amy  Adams,  Russell  Crowe,  Kevin  Costner,  Diane  Lane,  Laurence  Fishburne,  Michael  Shannon,  Ayelet  Zurer.

PLOT:  The  planet  Krypton  endures  its  final  moments  as  the  planet’s  core  becomes  unstable,  and  Kryptonian  Army  General  Zod  (Michael  Shannon)  and  his  unit  decide  to  overthrow  the  ruling  council,  and  take  over  the  planet.  Meanwhile,  Kryptonian  scientist  Jor-El  (Russell  Crowe)  and  his  wife  Lara  Lor-Van  (Ayelet  Zurer)  decide  to  escape  the  planet  with  their  infant  son  Kal-el.  But,  Jor-El  discovers  that  the  ship  that  will  take  him  and  his  family  off  the  planet,  can  only  hold  one.  He  decides  to  place  Kal-el  in  the  ship.  Moments  before  Kal-el’s  launch  into  space,  his  cells  were  infused  with  the  genetic  codex  of  the  whole  Kryptonian  race.

General  Zod  soon  finds  Jor-el,   murders  him,  and  he  and  his  entire  unit  were  captured  and  banished  to  The  Phantom  Zone.  After  Krypton  explodes,  they  were  released.  Meanwhile,  Kal-el’s  ship  arrives  in  Smallville,  Kansas  where  he  is  found  by  married  farmers  Jonathan  and  Martha  Kent  (Kevin  Costner  and  Diane  Lane)  who  adopt  him,  and  the  child  grows  up  to  be   Clark  (Henry  Cavill).  Clark  spends  a  lot  of  years  working  different  jobs  and  secretly  using  his  powers,  until  he  discovers  a  Kryptonian  scout  spaceship,  enters  it,  and  finds  a  hologram  of  Jor-el  who  tells  him  that  it’s  his  destiny  to  protect  Earth.  Meanwhile,  newspaper  reporter  Lois  Lane  (Amy  Adams)  discovers  the  ship  as  well,  and  encounters  Clark.

Lois  decides  to  write  a  story  about  Clark,  which  gets  rejected  by  her  boss  Perry  White  (Laurence  Fishburne),  but  she  decides  to  do  it  anyway.  She  follows  Clark  to  Smallville,  discovers  his  secret,  and  decides  to  hide  it.  But  that  becomes  the  least  of  her  worries  when  General  Zod  arrives  on  Earth  searching  for  Clark.  After  realizing  what  is  about  to  happen,  Clark  becomes  Superman  in  order  to  stop  Zod  from  turning  Earth  into  a  new  Krypton.

Last  month,  I  saw  this  the  day  after  its  release,  and  I  loved  it!!!  When  I  first  heard  that  this  movie  was  being  made,  Warner  Bros.  hired  a  different  actor  to  play  Superman.  I  did  enjoy  Brandon  Routh  as  the  character  (Superman  Returns,  2006),  and  Henry  Cavill  did  a  wonderful  job  like  Brandon  and  the  late  Christopher  Reeve  did.  The  one  thing  that  made  this  retelling  of  Superman  was  how  Jonathan  Kent  died.  I  was  one  of  probably  many  who  was  thrown  off  by  that.

This  movie  was  a  wonderful  way  to  celebrate  Superman’s  75th  Anniversary.

The  Man  of  Steel   is  rated  PG-13.

At  last,  it’s  finally  here!!!  THE  MOVIE  CATEGORY!!!!!!!

CAST:  Chris  Pine,  Zachary  Quinto,  Karl  Urban,  Zoe  Saldana,  Simon  Pegg,  John  Cho,  Anton  Yelchin,  Bruce  Greenwood,  Alice  Eve,  Peter  Weller  and  Benedict  Cumberbatch.

THE  PLOT:  The  crew of  the  U.S.S.  Enterprise  is  summoned  home  when  one  of  their  own  officers  murders  Admiral  Christopher  Pike  (Bruce  Greenwood)  and  half  of  the  fleet.  An  enraged  Captain  James  Tiberius  Kirk  (Chris  Pine)  alongside   new  crew member  Doctor  Carol  Marcus  (Alice  Eve/Entourage,  She’s  Out  Of  My  League),  wages  war  against  this  destructive  force  as  the  futures  of  Earth,  Starfleet,  the  universe  and  everyone  aboard  the  Enterprise  hang  in  the  balance.

Out  of  respect  for  those  who  haven’t  seen  the  movie  yet,  I  won’t  give  a  lot  of  it  away.

I  saw  this  movie  last  Saturday, and  it  was  great!  This  movie  continued  to   show  wonderful  the  Star  Trek  franchise  is.  Benedict  Cumberbatch  (Sherlock,  War  Horse,  The  Hobbit:  An  Unexpected  Journey)  did  a  wonderful,  and  frightening  job  as  the  villain  much  like  Eric  Bana  did  as  Nero  in 2009’s  prequel.  Earlier  this  week,  Director  J.J.  Abrams  appeared  on  Conan,  and  as  he  talked  about  the  movie,  he  mentioned  that  there  were  some  people  who  complained  about  one  scene  where  Captain  Kirk  sees  Doctor  Carol  Marcus  in  her  lingerie.  He  defended  it  by  saying  that’s   Captain  Kirk  (What  did  anyone  expect?).  One  of  the  movie’s  surprises  was  the  appearance  of  Peter  Weller  (Robocop,  The  Adventures  of  Buckaroo  Banzai  Across  the  8th  Dimension,  Naked  Lunch,  Screamers)!

The  movie,  much  like  the  prequel,  continues  to  pay  tribute  to  the  many  past  moments  of  the  franchise.  And  with  that,  GO  SEE  THIS  MOVIE!!!  You’ll  be  glad  you  did!!!

Star  Trek  Into  Darkness  is  rated  PG-13.


Here  we  are,  the  300th  post!!!!!!  I  am  more  than  happy  to  have  made  it  this  far!!!!!!  That,  and  I  also  know  that  there  are  more  questions  that  some  of  you  have  asked,  so  here  it  goes:

1.  In  some  of  your  postings  about  professional  wrestling,  you  have  given  Total  Nonstop  Action  (TNA)  Wrestling  a  lot  of  praise.  Why  is  that?

Because  according  to  their  slogan,  Wrestling  Matters.  That,  and  covering  WWE  at  times  can  be  exhaustively  nauseating.

2.   Will  we  ever  see  the  movie  category?

You  will,  I  guarantee  it.

3.  Will  we  see  more  entries  in  the  television  category,  and  more  quotes  of  the  day?

You  will.

4.  Was  the  conventions  category  one  of  the  surprises  that  you  had  for  us?


5.  Have   you  seen  Ring  of  Honor  (ROH)  Wrestling’ s television  show,  and  we  will  see  that  covered  on  here?

I  have  only  seen  some  of  it  online,  partly  because  a  lot  of  the  television  stations  where  I  live  are  not  a  part  of  the  Sinclair  Broadcast  Group  (SBG).  Hopefully,  I  will  cover  ROH  on  here  because  a  lot  of  the  talent  from  WWE  and  TNA  were  with  them  at  one  point  in  their  careers  (CM  Punk,  Daniel  Bryan,  A.J.  Styles,  Christopher  Daniels,  Samoa  Joe,  Chris  Sabin,  Alex  Shelley,  Jay  Lethal,  Desmond  Wolfe/Nigel  McGuiness,  etc.).

6.  Will  you  ever  do  a  YouTube  show?

It’s  still  in  the  planning  stages,  and  I  am  hoping  that  I  will  have  ready  this  summer.

Up  to  this  point,  I  still  enjoy  doing  this  wonderful  blog,  and  a  the  same  time  endured  a  lot  of  ups  and  downs  in  my  personal  life.  But,  I  as  the  saying  goes,  Tough  times  don’t  last,  Tough  people  do.  I  would  like  to  thank  you  all  for  reading,  commenting  and  subscribing  to  my  blog!!!  And  as  the  always  popular  saying  goes…………..the  best  is  yet  to  come!!!


On Saturday of last week, my little brother and myself attended what was billed as Washington, D.C.’s first ever comic book convention Awesome Con. The event was held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The promoters thought it would have a small turnout, but it was much larger than they expected (YEE-HA!!!) The celebrities who in attendance were Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Oz), Billy West (The Ren and Stimpy Show, Ren and Stimpy’s Adult Party Cartoon, Doug, Futurama), Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Phil Lamarr (MADtv,  Samurai Jack,  Futurama) and Theodus Crane (The Walking Dead). They were there to take pictures and sign autographs, but the visitors and myself were told that it was not free, but I did get a chance to talk with the legendary Ernie Hudson.

Another celebrity who was in attendance was Larry Hama, who played a big part in the revival of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe in 1982. It was his designs of the characters that were seen in the comic book series that was a big hit with Marvel Comics from 1982 until 1994. The series was under name G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. I had the chance to speak with him as well. There were panels, one of them was the ongoing debate of Star Trek vs. Star Wars, and I missed that one.

The one panel that I did participate in was about professional wrestling!!! I caught some heat during the panel for wearing a Hulkamania t-shirt that I got last Christmas, but I told them that it’s MUCH, MUCH BETTER than John Cena’s new t-shirt. Afterwards, I did shake hands with all three of the panels moderators, and became friends with one of them on Facebook!!! Another feature was Sci-Fi Speed Dating, that one I sat out and watched. There was also a costume contest, but a lot of people were unable to get in.

This two-day event was a wonderful celebration of comic books, movies, television, anime, art and popular culture in general. I am one of many who can’t wait until next year!!! While I didn’t take a lot of photos, here are some below that I did take. Enjoy!!!

Well,  here  we  are,  the  200th  post!!!!!  Doing  this  blog  is  a  lot  of  fun.  I  also  know  that  there  are a  lot  of  questions  some  of  you  are  probably  wanted  to  ask:

1.  Since  you  cover  professional  wrestling and  Arena  Football,  are  you  a  journalist?

No,  I  am  a  fan  who  likes  the  two.

2.  Where’s  the  movie  category?

Well,  I’m  probably  one  of  many  who  hasn’t  seen  the  new  James  Bond  007  movie  entitled  Skyfall,  but  don’t  worry,  the  movie  category  will  be  here  before  you  know  it.

3.  Are  you  going  to  introduce  any  new  categories?

Earlier  today,  I  have  decided  that  one  of  the  other  new  categories  that  I  will  introduce  in  the  coming  weeks  (and  possibly  months),  will  be  about  DVDs.  I  know  that   will  be  fun!

4.  Why  aren’t  there  any  photos  of  you,  or  anything  else?

I’m  working  on  that.

5.  Since  your  blog’s  name  has  “TV”  in  it,  are  you  thinking  about  doing  a  YouTube  show?

I’m  still  planning  my  YouTube  show,  and  hopefully,  it  will  be  on  the  air  next  year.

6.  In  some  of  your  postings  about  World  Wrestling  Entertainment  (WWE),  you  are  very  critical,  why  is  that?

Its  the  way  that  WWE,  since  2002,  has  presented  themselves  for  all  of  their  worst  critics  to  see.  This  is  also  coming  from  a  fan  who  has  watched  professional  wrestling  since  childhood  (back  when  World  Wrestling  Entertainment  was  called  the  World  Wrestling  Federation).

7.  Will  you  cover  any  other  wrestling  promotions  like  Ring  of  Honor  (ROH),  Pro  Wrestling  Guerilla  (PWG),  CHIKARA,  and  the  ones  from  Latin  America  and  Japan?

I  am  planning  to  do  posts  of  the  other  great  wrestling  promotions  that  are  out  there,  especially  lucha  libre  and  puroresu  (Japanese  Professional  Wrestling).

As  I  end  this,  I  want  to  thank  all   of  you  for  visiting  my  blog,  along  with  liking  and  commenting   on  any  postings  that  I  make.  For  that  I  am  always  grateful.  And………..the  best  is  yet  to  come!